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Sunday, 26 February 2017, 2 PM
Community Concert featuring Project Amadeus at The Doheny Mansion

Tickets are "pay-as-you-can" with a suggested donation of $20 per ticket. Donations will directly support Project Amadeus residencies. To make your donation in advance, enter the amount of your contribution below and click on "DONATE". If you do not already have an online account, please follow the simple steps to create one. At the point of "checkout", enter "Project Amadeus" in the comments box, along with the number of tickets requested.

For your contribution, we are pleased to offer you a gift as a token of our appreciation. See the gift list for reference. When you check out, please mark the appropriate box if you would like to receive a gift. To purchase a Membership, please visit our Membership page.

Gift List:

$100 and above — Set of Doheny Mansion Notecards.
$250 and above — CD featuring a Series Artist.
$500 and above — Two Complimentary Doheny Mansion Tour Tickets.
$1,000 and above — Notecards, Series Artist CD & Mansion Tour Tickets.

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For your contribution, you have the option of choosing the following gift(s). To choose a gift, click the box next to the gift and then click 'Donate'

Set of Doheny Mansion Notecards

CD featuring a Series Artist.

Two Complimentary Doheny Mansion Tour Tickets

Notecards, CD & Mansion Tour Tickets