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All of our lives are enriched by great music, and for young people, music can reach them at a critical time in their development with new ways of building self-esteem and new perspectives on the world. The Da Camera Society’s music education programs invest in our children’s future by presenting specially designed concerts that put a personal face on chamber music and build music appreciation and curriculum connections with schools in the greater Los Angeles area.

This season, we’ll introduce music to almost 20,000 young people with free concerts at inner-city schools, community centers and juvenile correction facilities. To increase the impact year-round, we offer professional development workshops to classroom teachers, giving them tools and ideas to make music an ongoing part of their daily teaching.

Our concerts demystify chamber music and demolish stereotypes of "stuffy" and "boring" classical concerts – to know this you only have to look at the faces of students at a concert, their eyes lighting up as they discover a new source of joy and meaning. In many cases, these programs will be their very first experience of the thrill of live chamber concert. Imagine how it must feel to hear this music for the first time!

Help us celebrate the power of music to transform young lives. For more information on how your tax-deductible membership or donation can make it happen, call 213-477-2957.