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Sun. 10 March 2019

Ebell Club of Los Angeles, Grand Salon
Miracle Mile District
Silas Burns & Sumner P. Hunt

The Da Camera Players

Tien Hsin Cindy Wu, violin; Bella Hristova, violin; Melissa Reardon, viola; Mihai Marica, cello; Nathan Farington, bass; Ines Irawati, piano

The Ebell of Los Angeles has been empowering women since its founding in 1894, inspired by Dr. Adrian Ebell, an early believer in women’s education in the arts and sciences. By 1927, it was the largest women’s club in the United States. The club's Grand Salon lends both grandeur and intimacy to a program of chamber music by female composers, performed by the finest chamber music artists of their generation. Enjoy Clara Schumann’s (1819-1896) masterful Piano Trio (in g, Op. 17), Louise Ferrenc’s (1804-1875) buoyant and lyrical Piano Quintet (No. 2, Op. 31) and Amy Beach’s (1867-1944) lushly romantic Piano Quintet (in f-sharp, Op. 67).

Brillante Series