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Sun. 7 May 2017

St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral
Byzantine-Latino Quarter
G. Kalionzes, C. Klingerman, A. Walker, W. F. Chavalas (1952)

Cappella Romana

Alexander Lingas, director

"Music of Arvo Pärt"

In the glow of gold mosaics and crystal chandeliers, experience “a compelling mixture of power and mystery” (Los Angeles Times) as “shimmeringly mystical” works of the great Estonian Orthodox composer Arvo Pärt fill a Byzantine cathedral inspired by the splendid Constantinople monument commissioned by the Emperor Justinian in the 6th century. Renowned for spiritually profound musical settings of sacred Latin texts, Arvo Pärt has also set many Eastern Orthodox hymns. In this program, patterned on an Orthodox service of supplication (Paraklesis or Moleben), Cappella Romana offers a selection of the legendary composer's English and Slavonic works including Triodion (1998) and excerpts of his monumental Kanon Pokajanen (1997), the Kanon of Repentance. “Like jeweled light flooding the space” (Los Angeles Times). “A sound world of exquisite beauty” (Gramophone). “Rapturous lyricism with a whiff of Byzantine incense” (The Oregonian)