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"As the name suggests, the Chamber Music in Historic Sites series ushers music into architectural spaces in relationships that can surprise, delight and perplex. Rarely, though, have sound and site been more ideally matched.." (L.A. Times)

"Superb small entertainments from around the world (placed) in enhancing architectural settings...a classy act if ever one was." (L. A. Weekly)

"Under the gold dome and the ring of cherubs...this room (the Doheny Mansion) is one of L.A.'s best and most picturesque musical chambers. The audience enjoys a nearly visceral connection with the performers...for in this in-the-round setting, the audience radiates outward from the center, with the quartet set up in a circle - a natural, communication-friendly configuration." (L.A. Times)

“One of the great pleasures of the Chamber Music in Historic Sites concerts is the opportunity to see and hear musical artists in classic settings. At their best, the programs are perfect blendings of people and places, the right performers in the right locale.” (Los Angeles Times)

“You’re so close to the cellist, you can read her sheet music. A Viennese salon? No — it’s a soirée at the Doheny Mansion, one of the landmarks where listeners enjoy classical and contemporary music in an intimate setting, thanks to the Chamber Music in Historic sites series sponsored by the Da Camera Society of Mount St. Mary’s College.” (Los Angeles Magazine, Best of L.A. issue)

“an extraordinary track record of exquisite concerts presented in unparalleled settings.…one of the most cherished and exhilarating of all local artistic institutions.…a heady mixture of intuition, daring, a child’s sense of wishfulness…” (Performing Arts Magazine)