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Historic Sites in Los Angeles? Even Angelenos can be forgiven for thinking that, for us, "history" is showcased in glass...or a plane trip away! But if we look past the visual white noise of billboards, cookie-cutter mini malls and endless freeways, history is in our midst — its landmarks, images and colorful traditions right here to be explored.
Bringing these traditions with them, our forbears left us fantasy landmarks evocative of other times and other places. But Southern California also boasts some of our nation's most adventurous contemporary architecture — history in the making.

Our mini-festivals give a chance to enjoy a holiday here at home — this season, we have walking and driving tours in Little Tokyo with a concert by the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA as its centerpiece and the historic and ethnically diverse Byzantine-Latino Quarter with Kitka's performance at St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral as its focal point.
Experience the excitement of bringing a landmark building to life with outstanding performances, which are themselves enriched by the special luster of their settings. Moreover, our intimate venues allow you to experience the power of a great performance "up close." The Da Camera Society — your ticket to a "voyage of discovery"!